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Bandanas, the best bang for your buck (and your inner-buckaroo)

I love when bloggers, street-style stars and stylish-people-in-general are all spied sporting a new styling piece, particularly when said piece harks back to memories of growing up in the 90s, and costs little more than your daily coffee stipend. Enter the bandana, whose prominence has caught me eye of late, and to which I am now a huge convert.

A big advocate of the trend is the ever-effervescent Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller), whose record of sporting a bandana can be traced back to at least March 2014. A chameleon who knows how to get mileage out of some of the most nondescript of accessories, Leandra has shown that the bandana is one of the most effective ways of channeling what is now known as ‘the third piece’.

Images: manrepeller.com (here and here); chaos-mag.com.

That’s right, by simply adding a bandana to your style arsenal, your outfit is instantly lifted into high-style stakes. Whether sporting all black head-to-toe, or testing out this season’s denim boiler suit, adding a bandana is one of the easiest methods of taking it to the next level.

Images: styledumonde.com; rdujour.com; fashionwalkinbrussels.blogspot.com; vogue.com; chaos-mag.com; styledumonde.com; thezoereport.com; justthedesign.tumblr.com

Beyond looking fantastic with just about anything, the true beauty of the bandana is two-fold. Firstly, you can wear it any number of ways: rolled right up and tied neatly around the neck, arm or wrist; as a hair-piece; tied loosely around the straps of your handbag; or, my personal favorite, channeling your inner cowboy and wearing it as a neckerchief. I can speak from personal experience when I say it looks amazing when a bandana square is folded in half and tied around the neck. I wore mine this way when going for a brief stroll around town just the other day, and, even though I was in my comfy, town-strolling uniform (aka my ripped-knee black jeans, white tee with statement black print, and black slides), my lil ol’ bandana managed to turn heads (in a good way!). And, if you are looking to have fun with your neckerchief style, do as I did and tie it around your hair, allowing you to try the stylings of a shorter ‘do without the commitment.

Bandana Power
Oh look there's me! instagram.com/theellyedit

                         Oh look that’s me!                                                           instagram.com/theellyedit

The second fundamentally amazing aspect of the bandana? The price. Sure, you can shell out your hard-earned dollars and get the lovely Saint Laurent version for $265 (and let’s be honest, that’s probably going to be one of the most affordable and accessible pieces from the brand). But if you ain’t so keen on parting with that much dosh, then look to our old high-street favorites. Zara will kindly gift one to you in exchange for $15.90, or do I as I did, and spend $7 (yes, that’s actually less than the cost of two of my morning coffees), at ASOS.

Shop Bandanas

Shop & Images (L to R): Saint Laurent Bandana Print Scarf, $265, fwrd.com; Zara Bandana Scarf, $15.90, zara.com; ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief, $7, asos.com

And for my Aussie friends, why not go even one better and support children’s cancer charity Canteen by purchasing a pack of 6 for as little as AU$4 per bandana. Not only will you look good, you will feel good too. So you see, it is possible to be a stylish, buckaroo-channeling fashionista who performs good deeds – who knew?

Bags are completely F-ed up this season

That’s right, from box clutches to backpacks, messengers to totes, no bag has escaped the F-treatment this season. Yep, if you haven’t got a bag that is Furry, Fluffy, Fuzzy or Feathery, then you are missing out on one of the most fun trends to hit the accessories market.

We first got a taste of the bag fuzz buzz last November, when Fendi debuted their Buggies to the world. Not content with just a little fluffy fun, fur bags have exploded onto the fashion scene in all kinds of incarnations and budgets. My picks? Those that take it up a notch in vibrant hues – think deep blues, orange and pink. Not a color fan? There are still plenty of styles that feature neutral tones, as well as old faithfuls black and white. Still not convinced? Then you can always dip your toe into the trend with a simple accoutrement, like the original Fendi Buggies, or my personal favorite, the Lenny Mascot from Shrimps. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out my top tactile picks and get your hands on some warm and fuzzy fun. 


Images: openingceremony.us; deadlyponies.com; shopbop.com; reiss.com; shrimps.co.uk; farfetch.com


Images: zara.com; katespade.com; modaoperandi.com; nordstrom.com; shopbop.com; katespade.com;  shopbop.com; riverisland.com


Images: fendi.com;asos.comshrimps.co.uk 

Prices listed in $US unless otherwise stated. 
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