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It was the vest of times….

It’s still Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and as someone who laments the craziness of the outdated fashion calendar, it irks me to no end that the shops are now full of coats, snow boots and all manner of items that no-one in their right mind would be inside shopping for when they could be outdoors enjoying the last rays of Vitamin D (but that’s a whole other blog post…). Still, with that filter on my brain, I happened to come across this fabulous vest in my inbox:

Talula Park Slope Vest

Talula Park Slope Vest, Aritzia (image: aritzia.com)

Talula Park Slope Vest

Talula Park Slope Vest, Aritzia (image: aritzia.com)

Perhaps it’s because I am trying to venture past my fail-safe all-black, or perhaps it’s because I seem to have a penchant for faux fur, but whatever the reason, I concluded that this vest is indeed amazing and warranted a click-through, which is no mean feat considering my fight against buying cold-weather armor in warm-weather seasons.

Of course, this is the kind of vest that has versatility – wear it completely caj (aka casual) a la the stylized outfit courtesy of Aritzia, or do as I would do, and channel the awesome 70’s glam boho vibes that are currently floating around and are set to stick around for the Winter (or the Summer if you are my Southern Hemisphere friends).

My hot tip? Layer it over a floral midi dress, add some kick-ass round-toe ankle boots, top it off with a floppy felt hat, and house your necessities in a cross-body saddle bag. Work in the same tones to avoid an overly busy look, but remember, it IS boho, so a little flash, clash and floridness is definitely a good thing. Want to go one better? Mix your textures (fur, felt, suede and snake come to mind), and you will be strutting your 70’s boho prowess faster than your Mother saying ‘I wore an outfit just like that when I was young‘ (oh, fashion cycles!).

70's Boho Baby

A dress that’ll get you all (arti)choked up

You know those moments when you discover something new, and you’re not sure how you feel about it, so you let it sink in for awhile before you decide what stance you are going to take? Well, that’s what happened when I saw this TopShop Unique Artichoke Floral Shirt Dress.

At first, it caught my eye. I loved the blue and black color tones, and of course I am a sucker for a good print. And, I loved the electric blue underlay that peeks out – I think there are some really cool things happening with hemlines at the moment, and this definitely played into that notion. But I was slightly thrown by the fact that it was TopShop Unique.

It’s not that I am against TopShop – no, I love TopShop, particularly for those times when the budget is stretched and I am wanting something fashion-forward, or even just when my other label loves have let me down. But it was because I stumbled across the dress while on my daily peruse of Net-A-Porter, and that threw me. I simply wasn’t expecting to see the TopShop brand (albeit their higher-tier brand Unique) on Net-A-Porter.

So what did I do? Well, I added the dress to my wishlist (just-in-case), and continued salivating over the other latest arrivals. Though as I continued about my business the following days, the dress kept popping up in my mind. And as I returned to it again and again in my mind and my browser, I realized that gosh-damn it this dress is brilliant. Made so by the fact that the print features artichokes, the silk georgette slip is removable (making that cool peek-a-boo hemline achievable across more items of the wardrobe), and it’s affordable. Plus it’s a killer style to pair with my favorite fall accessory, a black ankle boot. And that’s the beauty of fashion, it doesn’t matter what the brand is or where you get it, if the style is brilliant then it’s brilliant. Now if you excuse me, I need to hunt through Net-A-Porter for more brilliant brands that they unexpectedly sell.


Image: topshop.com