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Get thee to a Fendi….

…and slap these bad boys on your mug. Seriously. This is not a drill. Every time I saunter wander past the Fendi store in Soho I go weak at the knees. That crooked arm. Those cat-eye stylings. The crystal embellishments. It’s enough to make you run away and join a cult, a cult led by an oh-so-stylishly-dressed-influencer named Kaiser Karl. Don’t question it. Follow your instincts. Just go ahead and get these marvelous shades. Then bask in the glory of being on top of your style game. No sun necessary.

Image: net-a-porter.com

Sunglasses by Fendi, US$495, available at Net-A-Porter;  Image: net-a-porter.com

Bags are completely F-ed up this season

That’s right, from box clutches to backpacks, messengers to totes, no bag has escaped the F-treatment this season. Yep, if you haven’t got a bag that is Furry, Fluffy, Fuzzy or Feathery, then you are missing out on one of the most fun trends to hit the accessories market.

We first got a taste of the bag fuzz buzz last November, when Fendi debuted their Buggies to the world. Not content with just a little fluffy fun, fur bags have exploded onto the fashion scene in all kinds of incarnations and budgets. My picks? Those that take it up a notch in vibrant hues – think deep blues, orange and pink. Not a color fan? There are still plenty of styles that feature neutral tones, as well as old faithfuls black and white. Still not convinced? Then you can always dip your toe into the trend with a simple accoutrement, like the original Fendi Buggies, or my personal favorite, the Lenny Mascot from Shrimps. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out my top tactile picks and get your hands on some warm and fuzzy fun. 


Images: openingceremony.us; deadlyponies.com; shopbop.com; reiss.com; shrimps.co.uk; farfetch.com


Images: zara.com; katespade.com; modaoperandi.com; nordstrom.com; shopbop.com; katespade.com;  shopbop.com; riverisland.com


Images: fendi.com;asos.comshrimps.co.uk 

Prices listed in $US unless otherwise stated. 
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