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Get thee to a Fendi….

…and slap these bad boys on your mug. Seriously. This is not a drill. Every time I saunter wander past the Fendi store in Soho I go weak at the knees. That crooked arm. Those cat-eye stylings. The crystal embellishments. It’s enough to make you run away and join a cult, a cult led by an oh-so-stylishly-dressed-influencer named Kaiser Karl. Don’t question it. Follow your instincts. Just go ahead and get these marvelous shades. Then bask in the glory of being on top of your style game. No sun necessary.

Image: net-a-porter.com

Sunglasses by Fendi, US$495, available at Net-A-Porter;  Image: net-a-porter.com

Bandanas, the best bang for your buck (and your inner-buckaroo)

I love when bloggers, street-style stars and stylish-people-in-general are all spied sporting a new styling piece, particularly when said piece harks back to memories of growing up in the 90s, and costs little more than your daily coffee stipend. Enter the bandana, whose prominence has caught me eye of late, and to which I am now a huge convert.

A big advocate of the trend is the ever-effervescent Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller), whose record of sporting a bandana can be traced back to at least March 2014. A chameleon who knows how to get mileage out of some of the most nondescript of accessories, Leandra has shown that the bandana is one of the most effective ways of channeling what is now known as ‘the third piece’.

Images: manrepeller.com (here and here); chaos-mag.com.

That’s right, by simply adding a bandana to your style arsenal, your outfit is instantly lifted into high-style stakes. Whether sporting all black head-to-toe, or testing out this season’s denim boiler suit, adding a bandana is one of the easiest methods of taking it to the next level.

Images: styledumonde.com; rdujour.com; fashionwalkinbrussels.blogspot.com; vogue.com; chaos-mag.com; styledumonde.com; thezoereport.com; justthedesign.tumblr.com

Beyond looking fantastic with just about anything, the true beauty of the bandana is two-fold. Firstly, you can wear it any number of ways: rolled right up and tied neatly around the neck, arm or wrist; as a hair-piece; tied loosely around the straps of your handbag; or, my personal favorite, channeling your inner cowboy and wearing it as a neckerchief. I can speak from personal experience when I say it looks amazing when a bandana square is folded in half and tied around the neck. I wore mine this way when going for a brief stroll around town just the other day, and, even though I was in my comfy, town-strolling uniform (aka my ripped-knee black jeans, white tee with statement black print, and black slides), my lil ol’ bandana managed to turn heads (in a good way!). And, if you are looking to have fun with your neckerchief style, do as I did and tie it around your hair, allowing you to try the stylings of a shorter ‘do without the commitment.

Bandana Power
Oh look there's me! instagram.com/theellyedit

                         Oh look that’s me!                                                           instagram.com/theellyedit

The second fundamentally amazing aspect of the bandana? The price. Sure, you can shell out your hard-earned dollars and get the lovely Saint Laurent version for $265 (and let’s be honest, that’s probably going to be one of the most affordable and accessible pieces from the brand). But if you ain’t so keen on parting with that much dosh, then look to our old high-street favorites. Zara will kindly gift one to you in exchange for $15.90, or do I as I did, and spend $7 (yes, that’s actually less than the cost of two of my morning coffees), at ASOS.

Shop Bandanas

Shop & Images (L to R): Saint Laurent Bandana Print Scarf, $265, fwrd.com; Zara Bandana Scarf, $15.90, zara.com; ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief, $7, asos.com

And for my Aussie friends, why not go even one better and support children’s cancer charity Canteen by purchasing a pack of 6 for as little as AU$4 per bandana. Not only will you look good, you will feel good too. So you see, it is possible to be a stylish, buckaroo-channeling fashionista who performs good deeds – who knew?

Face It: Veils are the ‘it’ accessory for Spring 15

So turns out brides were onto something, judging by last week’s Spring 2015 Couture runway shows. Veils are making a comeback, and not just for weddings and funerals. Spied at both Giambattista Valli and Chanel, veils were used in both shows to emphasize the prominence of sheer, tulle-like materials in the coming season, whilst also adding an element of drama and intrigue. It’s a styling trick that can (and should!) easily be adopted into every day wardrobes.

Chanel Spring 2015 Couture Images: vogue.co.uk

Chanel Spring 2015 Couture   Images: vogue.co.uk

Valli S15 Couture

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 Couture  Images: style.com

Of course, it’s not the first time that veils have been a ‘thing’.  The cult Jil Sander/Stephen Jones-collaborated veiled beanie debuted in the Spring Summer 2012 collection, and her high priestess of fashion Anna Dello Russo was spotted staunchly supporting the trend throughout Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week.

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo  Image: thefrontrowview.com

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna carried the veiled beanie torch through 2013, and in February 2014, Joan Smalls also garnered street style kudos when she was spotted in her veiled beanie on the streets of Milan. Even yours truly has been spotted around Melbourne, Berlin and New York over the past 12 months wearing this wondrous accessory.

Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls  Image: refinery29.com

Just Me and My Veiled Beanie

Just Me and My Veiled Beanie

This Spring, however, the veil will be present in much more heat-friendly forms, from a simple stand-alone veil a la Chanel, to headband veils such as this Jennifer Behr style at Opening Ceremony.

Jennifer Behr Voilette Thin Veil Headband Image: OpeningCeremony.com

Jennifer Behr Voilette Thin Veil Headband  Image: OpeningCeremony.com

While it may seem too fashion-forward to some, this is one accessory that can really take an outfit to the next level. If the compliments and the intrigued yet appreciative looks I get when I wear my veil beanie are anything to go by, then it’s definitely worth taking a chance on this emerging trend. Need more inspiration? Just look to blogger extraordinaire Chiara Ferragni adding edge to her sublime burgundy suit with a bejeweled veil.

Chiara Ferragni Image: instyle.co.uk

Chiara Ferragni  Image: instyle.co.uk

LCF – Love, Creative, Fun (or, to most people, the London College of Fashion)

Mid-year I was lucky enough to go traveling, venturing to some pretty amazing scenery in Turkey, Greece and Sicily. This was finished-off with a perfect 9 days in that big ol’ town they call London. Luck was on my side when a friend offered his spare room and ‘local guide’ skills to show us what a lot of tourists miss – experiencing life as a local and knowing exactly where to find the coolest, non-tourist places (keep an eye out for his digital guide book – Lichan’s London – it’s going to be huge). Deciding to take advantage of the whole ‘experiencing it like I live there’ travel scenario, I also made a decision which would turn out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made thus far. I took a short course at the London College of Fashion.

Having decided late last year that I wanted to shake up my career ambitions, the London College of Fashion had been on my radar for some time. Their Post-Graduate Certificate of Fashion Journalism looked to be the perfect start for my quest in waving good-bye to Marketing and hello to Fashion Editorial, but with an undergrad degree, post-grad certificate and a professional certificate under my belt, I decided that I probably had enough formal learning and needed more real-work experience. So when I noticed the Fashion Journalism Intensive Short Course coincided with my travel plans, there was no question about what I would do.

And so for five days in September I was tutored by the amazing Paul Tierney, who is one of the kindest, most-knowledgable and most-genuine people that I have met from the industry. He absolutely cares about the work you produce and is legitimate when he offers advice on how to improve and better yourself. And he is a lot of fun! If you ever have the chance to study or work with him, do it. His recollections of his time with the likes of Lee McQueen and Kate Moss  (revealed in the humblest of ways) are unmissable, as is his advice.

The other amazing benefit of the course (apart from the obvious opportunity to learn and improve your fashion writing capabilities)? The other students. Our class was incidentally all female, but from all walks of life. Home countries ranged from Brazil to Hong Kong to Italy and of course, Britain; experiences ranged from just finished high school, to current university students, and later career changers (me included). But no matter our backgrounds, it was wonderful to share a common bond in that we all loved fashion, and all believed our thoughts on fashion had a place in the world in some capacity or another. And with the wonderful world of social media,  we have all kept in contact keeping up to date with our latest quests and achievements.

So is it worth your time and effort to take a chance on a course like the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Journalism Short Course. You betcha. Need more proof? Then check out my fellow classmate Gemma Redmond’s new venture, Gemma Redmond Vintage. In the pipelines while undertaking the course, Gemma has since gone on to launch her fully-fledged online vintage store, with some truly amazing pieces accompanied by beautifully-written prose. I particularly love the brooches, which is an accessory that is undervalued and underutilized in almost everybody’s wardrobe. Affix the Joseff of Hollywood ‘Bulldog’ Brooch to a navy blue blazer, or the Christian Lacroix ‘Heart’ brooch to a white button down like , and just wait for the compliments to roll on in. It’s a great way to create an interesting, individual point-of-difference to your outfit, just like how a short course creates a unique addition to your life experience.

Images: Gemma Redmond Vintage


Images: Ssense.com; Equipmentfr.com

Keep an eye out for the pieces I submitted during the Short Course, which I will be sharing over the coming weeks.

Eye Missed You!

EYE AM BACK – that’s what I am saying to you. Well and truly back. Why is that so important you ask? Well for two simple reasons, really.

First, because, well the blog is back. Yep, back! Truth be told, there wasn’t any set intention for the blog to take a hiatus, but taking hot air balloon rides and boat cruises in Turkey, sunset-watching in Santorini, gyros-eating in Naxos, exploring volcanoes in Sicily, and checking out the best markets, pubs and fashion short-courses in dear old London town can be a little time-consuming! Particularly when it’s all done on carry-on luggage only…(but that’s a story for another day, let’s just say thank goodness for Nike Air Max Thea’s!).

Another big blog-time killer? Packing up all of your possessions and heading off, two suitcases in tow, to experience life in the big Apple. (Yes NYC, I am back with you too, plenty of love to go around). So although it has been a while between the proverbial blog drinks, I can say that EYE am definitely back with plenty of wonderful new stories, experiences and beautiful items to share (all with a stylish bent of course!).

Kenzo Eye Dress

Kenzo Eye Dress   Image: Kenzo.com

So what’s the second big reason for my insistence that EYE must share? Well, it’s this delightfully laid back, stylishly easy, cotton shift Eye Dress from Kenzo. Now, I could be slightly biased, as having just had a fabulous time in Turkey where the evil eye is everywhere, I can’t help but see this dress and immediately think ‘brilliant!’. But dig a little a deeper and you can see why it’s so cool. Yes it’s simple, but that’s part of the charm – work it with some killer heels, or throw on your Nikes or Chuck Taylors to be instantly be transformed into I-always-look-this-cool territory. Amp it up with a silver leather moto jacket; and take it through fall with leather leggings. It doesn’t need much decoration as the eye motif does all the talking and statement-making. In fact, it’s the type of dress you would want at your disposal if you were traveling Europe only with hand luggage…

Not convinced? Never stress. There are plenty of other offerings from Kenzo featuring the eye-motif, as well as as some other super cool evil-eye accessories from Mary Katrantzou, Diane Kordas and Ileana Makri. Or you could simply book a trip to Turkey and pick up a lovely evil-eye souvenir and wonderful holiday experience at the same time. Oh man, am EYE glad to be back!

Mary Katrantzou Scarf

Mary Katrantzou Scarf  Image: Net-a-Porter.com

Diane Kordas Evil Eye Bracelet

Diane Kordas Evil Eye Bracelet  Image: Net-a-Porter.com

Ileana Makri Evil Eye Ring

Ileana Makri Evil Eye Ring  Image: Net-a-Porter.com