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Get thee to a Fendi….

…and slap these bad boys on your mug. Seriously. This is not a drill. Every time I saunter wander past the Fendi store in Soho I go weak at the knees. That crooked arm. Those cat-eye stylings. The crystal embellishments. It’s enough to make you run away and join a cult, a cult led by an oh-so-stylishly-dressed-influencer named Kaiser Karl. Don’t question it. Follow your instincts. Just go ahead and get these marvelous shades. Then bask in the glory of being on top of your style game. No sun necessary.


Sunglasses by Fendi, US$495, available at Net-A-Porter;  Image:

It was the vest of times….

It’s still Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and as someone who laments the craziness of the outdated fashion calendar, it irks me to no end that the shops are now full of coats, snow boots and all manner of items that no-one in their right mind would be inside shopping for when they could be outdoors enjoying the last rays of Vitamin D (but that’s a whole other blog post…). Still, with that filter on my brain, I happened to come across this fabulous vest in my inbox:

Talula Park Slope Vest

Talula Park Slope Vest, Aritzia (image:

Talula Park Slope Vest

Talula Park Slope Vest, Aritzia (image:

Perhaps it’s because I am trying to venture past my fail-safe all-black, or perhaps it’s because I seem to have a penchant for faux fur, but whatever the reason, I concluded that this vest is indeed amazing and warranted a click-through, which is no mean feat considering my fight against buying cold-weather armor in warm-weather seasons.

Of course, this is the kind of vest that has versatility – wear it completely caj (aka casual) a la the stylized outfit courtesy of Aritzia, or do as I would do, and channel the awesome 70’s glam boho vibes that are currently floating around and are set to stick around for the Winter (or the Summer if you are my Southern Hemisphere friends).

My hot tip? Layer it over a floral midi dress, add some kick-ass round-toe ankle boots, top it off with a floppy felt hat, and house your necessities in a cross-body saddle bag. Work in the same tones to avoid an overly busy look, but remember, it IS boho, so a little flash, clash and floridness is definitely a good thing. Want to go one better? Mix your textures (fur, felt, suede and snake come to mind), and you will be strutting your 70’s boho prowess faster than your Mother saying ‘I wore an outfit just like that when I was young‘ (oh, fashion cycles!).

70's Boho Baby

Bandanas, the best bang for your buck (and your inner-buckaroo)

I love when bloggers, street-style stars and stylish-people-in-general are all spied sporting a new styling piece, particularly when said piece harks back to memories of growing up in the 90s, and costs little more than your daily coffee stipend. Enter the bandana, whose prominence has caught me eye of late, and to which I am now a huge convert.

A big advocate of the trend is the ever-effervescent Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller), whose record of sporting a bandana can be traced back to at least March 2014. A chameleon who knows how to get mileage out of some of the most nondescript of accessories, Leandra has shown that the bandana is one of the most effective ways of channeling what is now known as ‘the third piece’.

Images: (here and here);

That’s right, by simply adding a bandana to your style arsenal, your outfit is instantly lifted into high-style stakes. Whether sporting all black head-to-toe, or testing out this season’s denim boiler suit, adding a bandana is one of the easiest methods of taking it to the next level.


Beyond looking fantastic with just about anything, the true beauty of the bandana is two-fold. Firstly, you can wear it any number of ways: rolled right up and tied neatly around the neck, arm or wrist; as a hair-piece; tied loosely around the straps of your handbag; or, my personal favorite, channeling your inner cowboy and wearing it as a neckerchief. I can speak from personal experience when I say it looks amazing when a bandana square is folded in half and tied around the neck. I wore mine this way when going for a brief stroll around town just the other day, and, even though I was in my comfy, town-strolling uniform (aka my ripped-knee black jeans, white tee with statement black print, and black slides), my lil ol’ bandana managed to turn heads (in a good way!). And, if you are looking to have fun with your neckerchief style, do as I did and tie it around your hair, allowing you to try the stylings of a shorter ‘do without the commitment.

Bandana Power
Oh look there's me!

                         Oh look that’s me!                                                 

The second fundamentally amazing aspect of the bandana? The price. Sure, you can shell out your hard-earned dollars and get the lovely Saint Laurent version for $265 (and let’s be honest, that’s probably going to be one of the most affordable and accessible pieces from the brand). But if you ain’t so keen on parting with that much dosh, then look to our old high-street favorites. Zara will kindly gift one to you in exchange for $15.90, or do I as I did, and spend $7 (yes, that’s actually less than the cost of two of my morning coffees), at ASOS.

Shop Bandanas

Shop & Images (L to R): Saint Laurent Bandana Print Scarf, $265,; Zara Bandana Scarf, $15.90,; ASOS Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief, $7,

And for my Aussie friends, why not go even one better and support children’s cancer charity Canteen by purchasing a pack of 6 for as little as AU$4 per bandana. Not only will you look good, you will feel good too. So you see, it is possible to be a stylish, buckaroo-channeling fashionista who performs good deeds – who knew?

One to Watch: Harbison, his coats, and his whole damn beautiful collection

In the past week, in my travels across the wide lands known as the internet, I came across a coat for which I instantly developed a deep affinity. The coat, a double-breasted knee-length creation, is well constructed, works with the female form to make a satisfyingly flattering silhouette, and has beautiful stylized details to make it that much more interesting. It almost has an air of Mondrian to it, albeit updated and intermixed with the designer’s own personal interpretation, making me respect the designer a great deal more (subdued references to a great designer referencing a great artist will get me every time). It’s a beautiful coat, and its designer, the NYC-based Charles Eilliott Harbison, evidently shows a great deal of talent.

And I am not the only one to think this way, as those quite well-known sisters belonging to the Knowles family (ahem, that’s Beyonce and Solange to you and me), were also spotted sporting this fine creation of a coat.The sisters styled tit up in very different manners, but either way, it looked amazing on both of them, adding even more weight to the argument that this coat rocks, and that its designer is definitely one to note, and, if you can, start wearing his designs now!

Beyond the coat, the rest of his Spring 2015 collection is smart, well-tailored and not something to be ignored. It gives the impression of being designed for women who hold a reputation of being stylish, and the designs would work as well making a statement in the office (but not too big of a statement) as they would at after-work drinks. In today’s industry, where almost anyone can be called a designer, and where we either see the same re-hashing of ideas and trends (has anybody not referenced the 70’s this season?) or where there is no clear direction at all, it is very unique to find a designer that well and truly knows who it is they are designing for, and exactly what they are missing from their current wardrobes. If you are looking for something new and exciting, then Harbison is it.

For stockists and to view the full Harbison Spring 2015 collection, visit

Snow Boots that don’t make me want to throw up

Right now I am stationed in the uber cool city of Berlin. And one thing that I have to contend with, that I have never had to contend with before, is dressing for a northern hemisphere winter. And boy am I unprepared.

Friends based in New York have, horrifyingly, worded me up on what you need. A proper down jacket: I hate down jackets. Heat Tech undergarments from Uniqlo: I once walked into a Uniqlo store and walked straight back out as I cannot stand the look of those awful, awful packable down puffer jackets for women (my prior point stands, but full disclaimer, I did end up buying one, but only the newer version that’s a diamond stitch and ONLY as a layering piece, I will never ever wear one of the classic down styles as my outer jacket!). And apparently, you need boots that have superior waterproof qualities, insulation, and extremely good tread because black ice is a real bitch.

As a true Melbournite who had only traveled to the ever balmy South East Asia and Europe in summer, the coldest I had experienced was probably somewhere around the 3 degree celsius mark. Sure – I had been to the snow a couple of times, but I felt even then it was above freezing temperatures, and again, I disliked it so much that I kept my distance (ie I try to avoid the cold as much as possible).

So this dressing for winter thing has got me freaked out. If I am settling in New York long term, must I buy a horribly ugly down jacket? Do I need an actual snow boot? Does anyone make snow boots that don’t make me want to throw up? And the worst thought of all for an Australian with an appreciation of style – would I have to wear Ugg boots? In public? (Seriously, people in the US love them – I don’t get it).

In my frantic search before I flew to Germany, I stumbled across these Coach bad boys online (pic below). I love these Urban Hiker boot, they work with denim, leather leggings and the best winter style staple – a roll neck sweater dress. But I am not confident they meet all the criteria for battling the streets post crazy winter snowstorm. They are definitely on my wishlist, but not as my ultimate snow battling companion.

Coach Urban Hiker. Image:

Coach Urban Hiker. Image:

When I hit Berlin the best I was equipped with was a pair of Sportsgirl heeled Chelsea Boots (see pic of similar style from Monki below). Fearing that the city would be blanketed in snow any minute, I continued a hunt for a suitable (or perhaps much more suitable than what was in my possession) boot. And here is what I discovered: no, nobody makes a snow boot that is even remotely attractive or stylish. Nobody. Even more so, nobody makes any sort of winter boot in black. Sorry guys, I am from Melbourne, if I am going to HAVE to buy a pair of these things, it’s gotta be in black.

Monki Leonor Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boots. Image:

Monki Leonor Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boots. Image:

In the end, I negotiated out the style factor and purchased a pair of Timberlands. Sure, I never, ever envisioned buying Timberlands, but they are waterproof, fleece-lined and have a good tread. Plus, I did opt for the style that rolls down to revel the teddy lining. I felt with these I could at least pull off that whole ‘toughened up sleek’ style – I am envisioning wearing them with my black and white pencil skirt with black tights, oversized white man shirt (courtesy of the boyfriend), chunky silver necklace, and faux fur vest. And, if it is freezing, I can roll up the boots and voila, they are combat boots. I must admit, they are not so bad, but the question still lingers – will they be enough to combat a full on city snow attack?

Timberland Teddy Fold Down Boots. Image:

Timberland Teddy Fold Down Boots. Image:

It was therefore with great glee that I discovered Balenciaga’s Lace Up Snow Boots, courtesy of FarFetch. Firstly, they are black. Secondly, they don’t look horrible! They are the best looking pair of Snow Boots that I have found, in fact, there is no feeling of nausea at all when I look them. And so my search is complete. I won’t buy them just yet – I think I actually need to experience how bad a Northern Hemisphere winter is before I cough up the money for these, but at least I know they exist. And who knows, maybe walking through city snow is so bad, I won’t even care what boots I am wearing. Haha, yeah right.

Balenciaga Lace Up Snow Boot. Image:

Balenciaga Lace Up Snow Boot. Image: