Who is Elly?

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Elly is a style-lover; an idealist whose thoughts, words and actions are largely sartorially-inclined, if not somewhat fanciful and laced with an edge of dry wit.

Elly worked on the marketing/pr/communications side of fashion and lifestyle industries. She had fun, but like a true twenty-something millennial, she needed to undergo an existential crisis to realize that a more creative pursuit was needed to let her ingenuities shine. So she left her beloved hometown of Melbourne and is now pursuing a career in a big city that will enable her to divulge her love of fashion styling, writing & creativity.

Elly lives by a simple philosophy: Write, Style, Live, Laugh, LoveAnd have a hell of a fun time doing it. 

What’s it all about?

#Trending You know what they say, three time’s a trend. From trend alerts to forecasts, styling tips and updates, it’s all the style elements ranking high on the trend radar.

#Loves The pieces that are so special, they deserve their own ode of love.

#ElevatorTen If ten fashion editors were caught in an elevator, what would they talk about? The noteworthy news and reviews of the industry.

#ETC. Travel, food, experience. All the extra tidbits from general life.

 #LaborsOfLove Work created by yours truly.

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