Met Gala 2015: The Best and Not-So-Best Dressed

Another Met Gala has come and gone, and in case you decided to tune out of all forms of social media in the past 24 hours, this year’s gala celebrated the Costume Institute‘s latest exhibition, ‘China: Through the Looking Glass‘. Celebrating the East’s influence on Western fashion and art throughout history, the exhibition set the tone and theme for the gala, and the red carpet arrivals did not fail to fascinate.

Despite inciting some controversy and opinion over the cultural-sensitivity of certain guests’ attire (some questionable, others intelligible and in-depth), I believe for the most-part that all who attended did so in the spirit of celebrating the beautiful Eastern aesthetic and its impact on Western arts. With that said, here is my summation of last night’s looks, where the ‘Best Dressed’ constitutes those that dressed appropriately to the theme, to the formal level of the event (it is one of the biggest Fashion Nights after all), and to the ability to look downright amazing.


These four looks were exactly what last night’s Gala called for, with each woman giving a subtle nod (or an outright explicit shout out in the case of Rihanna) to the theme. I loved the references to traditional Chinese dress in Kate Hudson’s modern rendition of a Cheongsam; the unique decorative detailing in Jess Hart’s gown was exquisite; the use of vibrant red and gold, the colors strongly associated with luck in Chinese culture was on-point for all four women; and Rihanna demonstrated her fashion chops by showcasing one of China’s foremost couturiers, Guo Pei. These looks truly were the stand-outs, paying homage not only to the theme, but also to the cultural institution that is the Met Gala.


Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller’s trouser get-ups were not only red carpet appropriate, but in my mind also subtly referenced the beautiful silk pajamas associated with Eastern culture. I admired most of the women who donned silk in reference to the theme, however Alexa Chung and Emily Blunt’s embroidered silk, as well as Lily Aldridge’s collared silk gown, stood out. Sarah Jessica Parker’s headpiece was beyond wonderful, and it couldn’t help but conjure thoughts of the Dancing Dragons that emerge for each Chinese New Year (shout out to my sisters and brothers-in-law who are heavily involved in this!). While Anne Hathaway’s look was daring, I loved it for the silk and the gold, again a color so prominent and important in the East – to me it was a fantastic, modernized interpretation. And while Amanda Seyfried’s white graduating hem-gown sadly wasn’t on theme, she just looked so damn beautiful, and her gown so gorgeous, I couldn’t help but give her a special mention.


Don’t get me wrong, I thought JLo, Kim and Beyonce all looked AMAZING! But, and it’s a big but, (no pun intended there shapely ladies!), the looks either had nothing that referenced the theme, or even if they did (here’s looking at you JLo), they just were not Met Gala appropriate. These are the kind of gowns perfect for a premiere, or even a Met Gala celebrating trend-forward fashion, but for a Met Gala celebrating the Eastern Culture’s influence on the West? It’s just doesn’t sit right. Better luck next year ladies!


I get it – dressing for the Met Gala would be hard, but come on, these looks were better left for anything other than walking the red carpet at the Met Gala! With the exception of Jennifer Lawrence, who I only included as I found her dress so underwhelming for such an event, I wouldn’t flutter an eyelid if I saw some of these outfits out and about around town. Chloe Moretz, who usually gets it so right, looked like she was headed off to a nice Sunday barbecue; Miranda Kerr and Dakota Johnson looked like they were girls on their way to dance their little hearts out at the club; Constance Jablonski looked set to enjoy a nice boozy brunch in her pool slides; and Cara Delevingne, who perhaps forgot she won favor for being daring in trousers last year, looked like she just wore the same thing but in black and with some fake tatts – it just made me go meh! Here’s hoping next year these guys remember they are going to one of the most important fashion events, and you know, dress up?

And, that’s it! My wrap up of the Met Gala done for another year. Now let’s get the countdown started for 2016!



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