It’s Official: Kendall Jenner, the new Face of Calvin Klein, is taking over the world

Following her domination at the Fall 2015 fashion runway shows, where she walked the catwalks for no less than 15 collections, and her crowning by US Vogue as a member of the new ‘Bratpack’ (so defined as being a member of the “Instagram Aristocracy”), Kendall Jenner’s plans to completely rule the fashion world have been taken to the next level. Calvin Klein have just announced that the brunette beauty is the face of their new campaign, and it can’t be denied that she, and the images from the campaign, look amazing.

The thing that makes Kendall so likable as a model is that she appears ‘accessible’. Her looks have that down-to-earth quality, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine having Kendall in your inner circle, or to some, even looking like her. Her beauty is natural and familiar, creating the opportunity for people to fill in the blank with their own minds about what, or who, the model represents. Combine that with her versatility to transform into a whole breadth of different characters – such March Jacobs’ futuristic, alien-esque normcorist or Estee Lauder’s cool Parisian – plus her demeanor suggesting she wants to make a legitimate career out of modeling (and is not hungry for down and dirty fame like other members of her clan), and it is no wonder this model is one of the most in-demand for fashion and beauty brands today. Now, if she could just nudge her big half-sister out of the way….

Estee Lauder Campaign Image:

Estee Lauder Campaign Image:

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Runway Show Image:

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Runway Show Image:


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